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CCTV - Close Circut Television

CCTV - Close Circut Television

This system, which means closed circuit system, is a system that allows cameras in a certain area to be recorded via a recording device and to monitor them at the same time. Recorded images can be stored on hard disk, SD card or portable storage areas and provide viewing opportunity.
Nowadays, camera systems are in a more advantageous position compared to old systems. While there was no remote viewing option or remote access in old camera systems, it is now possible to watch instantly over the internet on recording devices

Which type of camera systems should be chosen? -

It is very important that the places where the camera system will be installed are scouted by engineers in advance and the necessary needs are determined. It is necessary to pay attention to various important issues such as the correct positioning of the cameras, how many cameras should be in total, selecting hard disks according to camera resolutions, and positioning the camera lenses in accordance with the positions of the cameras

What are the differences between analog camera system and IP camera system? -

Analog camera systems transfer images via coax cable with BNC connection. These types of cameras are implemented as plug and play. After the necessary connections have been made, no further adjustments are required. IP Camera systems are new technology security systems that provide image and audio transmission over cat5 or cat6 cables

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