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Burglar Alarm System

Burglar Alarm System

Burglar Alarm Systems are installed to protect your homes and workplaces. These systems are installed to warn and repel possible unexpected visitors to your home or the areas you want to protect. During the visits made by our engineers before the alarm systems are installed, you are informed about your needs and pricing is made based on these needs.

- What are the situations to be considered in alarm systems?

All alarm systems actually serve the same purpose. Among these, they start from DIY models that you can easily install yourself, and then they are shaped according to the professionalism of your needs.

-Wired alarm or wireless alarm is better?

In fact, all engineers think that the best systems are wired. This is because wired systems are safer against any remote attack or sabotage. Of course, this does not mean that wireless systems are insecure. But there are many advantages of wired systems, such as not needing to change batteries, and signals not falling at a certain distance or when passing from wall to wall. But the advantages of wireless systems are that they are easy to install and do not require any cables.
We serve the London, Hertfordshire and Essex areas. Our corporate headquarters are in Enfield and we generally serve incoming calls and appointments over the phone.

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